Hello. My name is Chloe Walker, and I talk to strangers. I love chatting to artists and eccentrics, social do-gooders, science boffins, entrepreneurial spirits, techno innovators, future thinkers, general weirdos, and anyone else with a good story to tell. (Pro tip: everyone has a story to tell.)

Lucky for me, I get to do it for a living.

I am a regular writer for magazines like Collective Hub and Treadlie, and my work has also appeared in the Big Issue, Frankie, The Guardian, The Vocal, SBS Comedy and Refraction Media’s range of Careers with STEM publications. I write about people, mostly, and have interviewed everyone from an advocate of hotel shampoo theft, to the victim of a Baghdad bombing, to Australia’s finest air guitarist.

I’ve also had some more creative stuff (essays and short stories) in places like Funny Ha Ha, Sleepers Almanac, The Best Australian Comedy Writing 2016, The Best Australian Stories 2008 and The Best Australian Stories: A Ten-Year Collection.

In addition to writing for some of my favourite publications, I also offer copywriting and editing services to people who appreciate clear, concise communication that gives the audience what they need and gets results. My clients include World Vision International, the Melbourne International Film Festival, Oxfam Australia, Hobsons APAC, Creative Victoria and various small businesses. Check out my services page for more.

Prior to making the leap to full-time freelancing on April Fool’s Day in 2017, I spent just over a decade in various communications and publishing roles in ecommerce, higher education and academic publishing. For more on that, visit my LinkedIn profile.

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia and am available for writing and editing projects big and small. If there’s anything I can help you with, please get in touch!

Photo by Miles Standish

Photo by Miles Standish